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The Pioneer UDP-LX800 is the company’s new flagship universal UHD player designed for the audiophile and demanding home cinema enthusiast.

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In designing this flagship universal UHD player, the engineers have drawn on the knowledge and development in the audio visual sector for over 30 year, combining beautiful craftsmanship with the latest advances video and audio processing. The UDP-LX800 adopts an extremely rigid construction and meticulous attention to detail to achieve high S/N for video and audio playback.    

Double Layered Chassis

The UDP-LX800 features a 1.6mm rigid double-layer chassis with 3mm thick steel base plate and an internal layout that creates a low centre of gravity, minimizing mechanical noise from the rotating BD-Rom drive. The BD-Rom drive employs a honeycomb shaping in the steel top plate to ensure high structural strength. This double-layer chassis also provides the noise cancelling of external vibrations and providing superior disc reading.

Rigid & Quiet BD Drive

The BD drive has been designed to suppress resonance caused by the high speed spinning of UHD discs by employing a honeycomb mechanical cover which is coated in an anti-vibration paint. Pioneer’s disc drive also adopts an acoustic damper tray which prevents the vibrations caused by the rotation of the disc spinning from the player’s sensitive electronic circuity.  This is achieved by using a damper to isolate the disc tray from the front door, preventing vibrations entering the chassis as well as floating the mechanism from the base of the player.

Dedicated Analogue Audio Power Supply 

The UDP-LX800 has separate power supplies for the main board and analogue audio circuitry to prevent power supply crosstalk between the video processing and analogue circuitry.  A linear power supply with large capacity transformer and custom audio grade electrolytic capacitors is used for the analogue audio section for optimum sound quality. The transformer is electrical isolated from the audio circuitry by a Copper shield with ant-vibration paint and f-shape embossing to stop standing waves.

6-Layer PCB Main Board

A multi-layered circuit board with 6 layers is used for the main board (video/digital processing) which enables the shortest path for digital signals and lowest ground impedance. This improves the S/N of audio and video signal processing for a highly accurate transfer of both video and audio data.

Three-Section Internal Layout

The internal layout of the LX800 is superbly executed to fully optimize both video and audio playback. The power supplies, BD drive and audio board are separated into 3 compartmental blocks and fully shielded to prevent electrical and magnetic interference.

High-End 2-Channel Analogue Audio

The LX800 2-channel audio board uses several design elements from the successful PD-70AE Super Audio CD player. The audio power board features independent power supplies for the digital and analogue circuitry, with custom audio grade electrolytic power supply capacitors for high quality sound. The power and signal paths are separated for left and right channels with a central bus bar to provide a stable ground. The D-A converter stage features 2x Sabre ESS9026PRO DAC’s with fully balanced circuit topology from the D/A conversion through to the L/R outputs. Both balanced XLR and single-ended RCA outputs are available.

Transport Only Function

The LX800 features a ‘transport only’ function which enables the user to switch off the power to the analogue audio stages and thus improving the S/N for the HDMI output. This clever feature further improves the quality of playback from movies, HDMI audio and digital audio.


› Three-Block internal Layout (Power supply, Drive/Digital Processing, Analogue Audio)
› Ultra-rigid Construction with Ventless steel Plate top Panel and Aluminium side Panels
› 3 mm steel Plate rigid under Base for rigidity and Low Centre  of Gravity
› 6-Layered iVH Main Circuit Board for High s/n ratio
› Rigid & Quiet BD Drive

  • Honeycomb Mechanism Drive Cover with Anti-Vibration Paint
  • Acoustic Damper tray with Anti-Vibration Paint
  • Float-Mounting structure

› Anti-standing Wave insulator

Video Features

› Ultra HD Blu-ray Playback
› 4 Presets According to Display type, with Automatic Detection/ › switching for sDr/HDr signals
› Video Adjust
› HDR10
› Dolby Vision (Low Latency Compatible)
› 36-bit Deep Colour/”x.v.Colour

Audio Features

› 8ch Parallel Drive with SABRE ES9026PRO DAC x 2
› Large-Capacity Power supply transformer 
› Custom electrolytic Capacitors 
› Direct Function for Pure Analogue Audio output
› Transport Function for Pure Digital Audio/Video output
› Dual HDMI output
› PQLS Jitter-less sound transmission via HDMi (with compatible  AV receiver)


› Disc/HDMI/HDR information on-screen Display
› Continued Viewing Playback
› 30 sec skip Forward/10 sec skip Back
› Auto Power off
› Firmware update (USB/network)
› Self-illuminating remote control

Playback Media

› USB Memory/HD


› Power Requirements: AC 220-240 V,  50/60 Hz
› Power Consumption: 42 W
› Power Consumption During Standby: 0.45 W (Full)/1.4 W (Network Standby on)
› Dimensions (W X H x D): 435 x 131 x 339 mm
› Weight: 13.8 kg

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