Zappiti Player 4K HDR RC (Replacement)


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High-quality remote control for Zappiti 4K HDR media players.

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This remote control features a dual IR LED for better sensitivity.


Switch instantly from one application to another (Zappiti or Explorer) using the direct access buttons: image ratio, 3D, subtitles, audio tracks, repeat mode, ... 

This remote control features a true STOP button as well as buttons for direct playback access to 1 min. forward / backward and 10 sec. forward / backward.

Zappiti Pro 4K HDR RC


This remote control is equiped with a light button to turn on the backlite option.

Zappiti Pro 4K HDR Remote Control

Compatible with the following models:

Zappiti Pro 4K HDR

Zappiti Duo 4K HDR

Zappiti One SE 4K HDR

Zappiti One 4K HDR

Zappiti Mini 4K HDR

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