PS Audio Sprout Music System

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  • Music System - Just Add Speakers.
  • 50 Watts P/C Power Amplifier.
  • Passive EQ Phono Stage.
  • 24/192 USB DAC.

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*This product has been discontinued.

The PS Audio Sprout on the face of it looks like a mini headphone amplifier, but beneath it's modest enclosure it is a great deal more. It's actually a mini amplifier that can drive 50 watts into a pair of loudspeakers, has a passive EQ Moving Magnet phono pre-amplifier, a 192/24 USB DAC input, a pre-amplifier with true stepped volume control, and a versatile headphone amp.

Just add speakers or headphones, and music—so close to live—will fill your whole home. It’s nothing short of magical. Sprout is the link between your music and your speakers. Sprout is the size of a big novel, yet it will fill your living room, bedroom or any room with enormous, live sound. Sprout is designed down to the very atom. Constructed of stainless steel, extruded aluminum, and walnut, this is not audio equipment. It’s audio furniture.


Passive EQ moving magnet phono preamplifier

Vinyl is an important part of a growing number of people’s lives today and Sprout brings LPs to life as you have rarely experienced. The engineering team at PS Audio has been designing and building vinyl amplification for 40 years and we know a thing or two about making records sound their best. Sprout features a precision passive RIAA curve nestled between two high speed gain stages that perfectly amplify any moving magnet phono cartridge.

High resolution digital audio

Built inside Sprout is a highly sophisticated Digital To Analog Converter (DAC) that accepts digital audio from just about any source including USB, coaxial and Bluetooth. Sample rates up to 192kHz and bit depth up to 24 bits are supported by a Wolfson asynchronous precision sigma delta modulator.

Power amplifier

Sprout features an exceptional sounding 50 watt per channel power amplifier capable of driving just about any loudspeaker you connect to it. Selected for its musical virtues, Scott McGowan personally curated this Scandinavian designed amplifier from amongst a dozen fine candidates before selecting it for Sprout. Musical, powerful, never aggressive sounding, the amplifier within Sprout honors the music.

Built in Bluetooth receiver

Streaming music from a mobile device is common and expected amongst Sprout owners. That the sound quality of that streaming service is exceptionally good in Sprout is a testament to PS Audio’s engineering team’s decision to pass streaming services through Sprout’s internal upsampling DAC.

Line level output

Sprout’s analog output can feed a separate subwoofer, tape deck or second set of amplified loudspeakers with ease. Separated and buffered from the main signal path, Sprout’s analog outputs are available through its rear 3.5mm connector.

Discrete zero impedance headphone amp

Listening to music through a fine set of headphones is an experience many of us cannot be without and Sprout honors the music with one of the finest headphone amplifiers made. Driven by a discrete, fully complementary discrete output stage, Sprout’s headphone amplifier has near zero output impedance to power even the most demanding devices available.

  • Full featured integrated amplifier
  • 50 watts per channel power amplifier
  • Drives any size loudspeaker
  • Analog preamplifier
  • 192/24 high end fully asynchronous DAC
  • Passive EQ moving magnet phono preamplifier
  • Low output impedance headphone amplifier
  • Coaxial digital input
  • USB input
  • Analog Input
  • Built in Bluetooth receiver uses Sprout’s internal asynchronous DAC
  • True analog stepped volume control
  • Analog input selector for all inputs
  • Headphone output 16Ω 500mW, 300Ω 425mW (drives all headphones)
  • Analog output: variable 3.5mm line, for subwoofer or otherwise
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A-weighted) >90dB
  • THD <0.025% at normal listening levels
  • Dimensions: 6″W x 8″L x 1.75″H

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