PS Audio NuWave DSD DAC

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  • Accepts PCM up to 192kHz/24 bit from any digital source.
  • Asynchronous USB for PCM and DSD.
  • Fully Balanced Class A RCA & XLR Output Stage.

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The PS Audio NuWave DSD is an affordable, compact DAC packed with features trickled down for the more expensive DirectStream DAC. Fully asynchronous on its inputs, the NuWave DSD can accept a wide variety of inputs, sample rates and bit depths to match high resolution standards.

All inputs signals are taken into the NuWave DSD DAC  in Native Mode, there is no sample rate conversion. The signal is then fed into a Complex Programmable Logic Device, or CPLD for short which discovers the sample rate and format  reclocks all incoming data, reduces jitter, waveshapes data output to the DAC chip. 

Based on the Sabre 32-bit ES9010K2M DAC chip the NuWave DSD can handle asynchronous PCM (up to 192/32) and DSD (single or double rate) through a class A hybrid output stage with either single ended (RCA) or balanced (XLR) connections.


Four digital inputs
Single and double rate DSD
CPLD input (FPGA) lowers jitter, waveshapes, reduces propagation delay
Native mode standard
No added Sample Rate Conversion
I2S input
192kHz asynchronous coax and TOSLINK inputs
192kHz asynchronous USB
DSD direct through I2S
High current class A hybrid output stage
Fully balanced input to output
Passive output filter lowers transient distortion
Direct coupled without any capacitors in output signal path
High bandwidth output stage -3dB 60kHz
Low jitter clocks
High Current oversized analog power supply
7 voltage regulators
High speed power supply diodes
Massive 15,000 mFd low ESR capacitors
ESS Hyperstream

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