AudioQuest NightOwl Headphones

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  • Closed-Back Design with Aperiodic Damping System.
  • Innovative Port Enables Drivers to Breath.
  • Leather Headpad Stitched for Optimum Comfort.

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The AudioQuest NightOwl is the latest addition to the company’s range of headphones being a closed-back design. NightOwl Carbon replaces NightHawk’s sound-diffusing grille with an intelligently designed aperiodic damping system which provides excellent isolate the listener from the outside world.

Unlike other closed-back headphones that have a sealed enclosure, the NightOwl implements a hidden airflow-resistive port which releases the build-up of pressure allowing the drivers to breather freely. This also ensures any impulses quickly return to an innocuous resting state—with no ringing, oscillation, or resonance.

Audioquest have implemented several acoustic, ergonomic and cosmetic refinements to deliver an improved user experience.

Acoustic Refinements      

  • Internal parts have been modified for tighter tolerances which reduces air leakage and lowers distortion.
  • NightOwl headphones are supplied with two sets of earpads. Protein Leather Boost Pads seal tighter for better isolation and slightly enhanced treble clarity; Ultrasuede Pads breathe freer for greater comfort and slightly reduced bass impact.
  • Plugs are use a High-purity Tellurium Copper (TeCu) base metal with a higher quality plating for better mating contact and, consequently, less noise.

Ergonomic Refinements   

  • A genuine leather headpad has stitched detailing for comfort.  
  • Headphone cable is improved with shorter length (4.25ft) for easier use at the desktop or with mobile devices.  The flexible, nonbraided jacket increases durability, eliminates kinking, minimizes microphonics; robustly engineered and rigorously tested strain relief further increases durability; discrete microphone and smartphone controls enable phone calls and playback functions (Play, Pause, Skip) without compromising sound quality.

Cosmetic Refinements      

  • Carbon Grey Metallic high-gloss paint meticulously applied via multistage process.    
  • Includes microfiber pouches for headphones and accessories for safer, simpler travel.



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