Akiko Audio Black Box Power Unit

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Akiko Audio Black Box Power Unit reduces high frequency noise field inside your power strip, etc,. and connects only to the central earthing point. 

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The Akiko Audio Black Box power unit was inspired by the Harmonizer developed for the Corelli power conditioner. The Black Box is designed to be installed inside your power strip, mains filter, mains regenerator or power conditioner at the IEC inlet. It connects only to the mains Earth and therefore does not draw any current.

It works by reducing high frequency noise without any unwanted side effects such as reduced dynamics.

  • Increased dynamics and energy in the listening room.
  • Remarkable improvement of the voice rendering and rendering of acoustic instruments.
  • Because high frequency noise is reduced, listening to music becomes more pleasant; listening fatigue doesn’t stand a chance.
  • Music sounds more lively and cleaner.
  • You do not lose a socket if you build this unit into the current distribution.


  • Dimensions: 85mm x 50mm x 22mm.
  • Weight: 145 gram.
  • Material: Shockproof anti-static ABS.
  • Connection cable: 1 meter long 1,5mm² grounding cable, colour coded green-yelllow.
  • Supplied with clear installation instructions.

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