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OPPO HA-1 Special Edition Modification

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  • Aftermarket upgrade for HA-1 Headphone Amp.
  • Over 40 upgrades to power supplies and signal paths. 
  • Approved 2-Year Warranty.

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The OPPO HA-1 Special Edition modification is an aftermarket upgrade for existing owners of the headphone amplifier that significantly improves the sound quality from all digital or analogue sources.

If you already own an OPPO HA-1 we can arrange the upgrade directly or via there dealer where available*


The OPPO HA-1 Special Edition (SE) DAC headphone amplifier take this excellent OPPO platform to new sonic heights elevating sound quality from digital or analogue sources. So whether you wish to use the HA-1 as a USB DAC, stereo preamp or for Bluetooth streaming the SE version will engage you and get you closer to your favourite music.

To take the HA-1 further up the audio ladder required thinking outside the box. To get the performance lift we require takes over 40 component changes including many premium audio grade “New Old Stock” parts. The backbone of the upgrade is “ultra-low noise regulation” which supply the DAC analogue, pre-amp and headphone amplifier sections. Conventional regulators are replaced with discrete, ultra-low types which have 1/168 output noise and nearly 2000 times the Ripple noise rejection (PSRR).

HA-1 SE has a tonality that’s very engaging, but thanks to the extremely quiet noise floor it is also a tour-de-force when it comes to extract the minutest detail and intricacies of recordings through your headphones, allied with excellent musicality.

Play LossLess files from an Apple Macbook via the USB B input, or 16 /44.1 through S/PDIF and it won’t falter in its ability to convey the life and soul of the music. Similarly, partner the HA-1 SE with a high quality stereo power amplifier and its musical skills as a pre-amplifier deliver performance way beyond its price point.

* Please see our international dealers page to locate your nearest dealer.