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Bybee Large Quantum Purifier

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Bybee Large Quantum Purifiers filter 1/f noise and improve electron flow of signals. This high current version is ideal for loudpeakers and AC power.

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What Is Quantum Purification?

Jack Bybee's Quantum Purifiers were originally developed for military applications, many of which are still highly classified. These amazing devices have been used for years by knowledgeable audio and video enthusiasts to reach levels of signal purity and transparency unattainable prior to their introduction.

Within any playback system, musical and visual information is transmitted through components and cables by electrons flowing through conductors. As individual electrons interact with the conductive materials of cables and circuits, very low-level (quantum) noises are generated. As quantum noise energy accumulates in the propagating signal, low-level details pertaining to ambience, soundstage, timbre, dynamics, color fidelity and picture resolution are obscured, robbing the presentation of vividness and life.

Bybee Quantum Purifiers operate on the quantum mechanical level to regulate the flow of electrons that make up the signal (picture a metering light regulating freeway traffic flow). Current flow within the Quantum Purifier is unimpeded and ideal (think of the unencumbered flow of traffic on a lightly traveled expressway). During transit through the Quantum Purifier, quantum noise energy is stripped off the electrons, streamlining their flow through ensuing conductors. Unwanted quantum noise energy dissipates as heat within the Quantum Purifier rather than emerging as a layer of contamination residue over the audio/video information.

The benefits of this process extend beyond the physical length of the Quantum Purifier itself. As electrons speed through the purifier, a "slipstream" effect is formed which facilitates current flow in the surrounding conductors of the playback system. Introducing Bybee Quantum Purification into the electron path enhances noise reduction and signal velocity, resulting in performance improvement beyond what is attainable by any cable alone, no matter how well designed.

Bybee Large Quantum Purifier

This latest generation of the original Bybee Quantum Purifier is recommended in any application where high current-handling capacity is desirable. It is typically used in AC modifications, as well as in treating woofers and other large loudspeaker transducers.

Large Quantum Purifiers are specially shielded against external RFI and EMF noise by the use of ERS Stealth carbon fiber material.


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