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Bybee Speaker Bullet Kit

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Bybee Speaker Bullets are a kit for internally upgrading loudspeakers ideal for and an alternative to the highly acclaimed plug-in version. 

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Jack Bybee developed the Super Effect Golden Goddess Speaker Bullets several years ago as a plug-in upgrade for loudspeakers. These devices used new technology to surpass the performance of the Large Gold Quantum purifiers. The Super Effect Bullets are internally fabricated from Gold with white Gold leads, the SEL version having laser welded end caps. These devices sold for US$ 4200.00 and won industry awards including the coveted “Stereotimes – Most Wanted Components”.

Each Internal Speaker Bullet Kit contains two Internal Speaker Bullets for the positive legs and two Large Regular Purifiers for the negative legs. The Positive elements are the Internal Speaker Bullet (shown below) with one-inch leads. The Negative elements, for maximum sonic performance and quieting on the return leg of the connection, are the Large Regular Quantum Purifier (shown above).

These devices can be connected after the loudspeaker crossover, so 1 set for single wire or 2 sets for bi-wire applications. The best results are achieved when the Speaker Bullet is placed closest to the transducer, so we recommend the approach of soldering the Bullet to the solder tags of Tweeter, Bass/Mid, or bass drivers.

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