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Clones Audio Power Station (High Current)

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Clones Audio Power Station High Current is a discrete, ultra-low noise linear supply for powering higher consumption devices like NUC, music servers.

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The Clones Audio Power Station High Current (HC) is an ultra-low noise linear power supply for powering devices that have high consumption and can deliver up to 7 amps. Due to the larger heatsink requirements, the HC version is only available with a single regulated output. 

Typically, linear power supplies use a voltage regulator to provide a regulated, stable output voltage and this is typically achieved with a 3-pin regulator IC's such as the 78xx, LM317 TO-220 devices. The Clones Audio Power Station uses discrete regulators that outperforms any monolithic IC chip by providing lower noise.


Power Consumption: 120W Max
Dimensions: 190 X 170 X 130mm
Weight: 4.2kg/each
1 year warranty

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