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Clones Audio Power Station (Mac mini)

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Clones Audio Power Station Mac mini version is a discrete, ultra-low noise linear supply designed for powering the small Apple desktop computer.

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The Clones Audio Power Station Mac Mini is an ultra-low noise linear power supply designed for meeting the high current demands of the small desktop computer by Apple. Due to the larger heatsink requirements, the Mac Mini version is only available with a single regulated output. 

Typically, linear power supplies use a voltage regulator to provide a regulated, stable output voltage and this is normally achieved with a 3-pin regulator IC's such as the 78xx, LM317 TO-220 devices. The Clones Audio Power Station uses a discrete regulator design rather than an IC chip. The advantages are that components such as the voltage reference and error amplifier can be specifically selected for highest PSRR, fast transient response and lowest output noise. The discrete regulator implemented in the Power Station is able to outperform any monolithic IC chip regulator. 


Power Consumption: 120W Max
Dimensions: 190 X 170 X 130mm
Weight: 4.2kg/each
1 year warranty

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