Clones Audio Power Station Deluxe

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Clones Audio Power Station Deluxe ultra-low noise DC linear supply with discrete regulation and fine tuned components for music streamers, DACs, etc. 

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The Clones Audio Power Station Deluxe is an ultra-low noise linear power supply with modular design that can provide up to two independent regulated outputs. It is available in regular and high current versions with a custom option to supply the MAC Mini*.

The deluxe version uses specially selected components for lowest noise performance and optimum sound quality to give you the best performance from your music streamer, DAC, NAS Drive or TUC. 

Typically, linear power supplies use a voltage regulator to provide a regulated, stable output voltage and this is typically achieved with a 3-pin regulator IC's such as the 78xx, LM317 TO-220 devices. The Clones Audio Power Station uses discrete regulators that outperforms any monolithic IC chip by providing lower noise.

The Power Station is supplied as standard with one regulator module*, please your requirements from the drop-down menu.

* For high current options, only one regulator module can be used due to the larger heatsink requirements. To order the high current version please see here; 


Power Consumption: 120W Max
Dimensions: 190 X 170 X 130mm
Weight: 4.2kg/each
1 year warranty

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