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The OPPO 205 Signature 4K Blu-ray player is a high-end digital hub with unrivaled performance from video, digital and analogue audio playback. 

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The OPPO UDP-205 Signature 4K UHD Blu-ray player is the most advanced and accurate 4K audiophile player available on the market. The UDP-205 Signature is a digital hub designed to get the absolute best performance from your movie or music collection. 

There are several reasons why the 205 signature pushes the technology above any other 4K audiophile Blu-ray player. There is absolutely no compromise made in the quality of components and design, all units are meticulously assembled for the best possible performance.

AC Noise Reduction: In conventional audio/video equipment a traditional mains filter is used and while the better quality filters remove a degree of noise they are inadequate, often introducing negative effects. For the 205 signature we utilize an unconventional solution that removes noise and provides uninhibited current flow. The benefits are a picture quality that is more immersive and palpable. The sound has an enhanced perception of space and dimensionality, with improved coherence and naturalness.

Custom Low Noise Linear Power Supply: Ordinarily Blu-ray player’s use switch mode power supplies (SMPS). The switching from these power supplies introduce noise which inevitably is introduced to the circuitry. Due to the high frequency switching of these supplies they also create RFI which in turn affects the video and audio signal.

In contrast the 205 signature utilizes a top-end linear power supply with components specially selected for their low noise performance to delivery quiet, clean power to the circuitry. The benefit is a significant improvement in all spectrum of the players performance. For video, there is greater detail, truer colours, a more dynamic contrast, improved image stability, and better depth. Digital and analogue audio is also notably improved with better timing, increased resolution, greater depth, and improved sound-stage.

Custom, Precision CNC Parts: When a Blu-ray or SACD disc is played the high speed can cause unwanted vibrations and reduced disc read accuracy. Our newly designed 4K disc transport modifications use custom made, precision CNC parts to replace mechanical components in the drive with highly precise and extremely rigid materials. This ensures rigid disc clamping and resonance control, providing the highest level of data retrieval and lowest jitter.

High Performance Audio Power Supplies: Analogue audio sound quality is largely influenced by its power supply. Our goal is to reduce unwanted noise and losses that affect the signal, less noise = cleaner signal and purer sound. In the 205 Signature we have upgraded the analogue power supplies to achieve maximum fidelity.

Discrete, Ultra-low Noise Regulation: The analogue audio section power supplies have been optimised to take full advantage of the ES9038RO Sabre DAC and the associated audio stages. Conventional regulators are replaced with discrete, ultra-low noise types which have 1/168 output noise and nearly 2000 times the Ripple noise rejection (PSRR). This enables a very low noise floor, while improving dynamic range and stereo separation.

Femto Clock: To realise the full potential of the ES9038PRO chipset we have to achieve lowest phase noise (jitter). The clock selected for the 205 Signature has an astounding 68 Femtoseconds jitter RMS (frequency measurement 100 Hz to 100 KHz) , that’s 0.068 Picoseconds, amongst the lowest in the industry. The clock utilizes ultra-low noise discrete regulator circuitry, 1.1nV/√Hz @1KHz with a PSRR of 132 db @ 6V. The implementation of this femto clock fully optimises the ES9038PRO so its full potential can be realised.

Active EMI/RFI Noise Reduction: The operating conditions of video and audio are much improved when they can work in quiet environment. Inside any Blu-ray player the video processing generates its own noise as well as succumbing to external noise which can affect the players overall performance. To achieve the quietest electrical conditions, in the 205 signature we use materials to absorb the unwanted EMI/RFI and improve electron flow to achieve constantly the best performance regardless of the surroundings.

■ Multi-Zone Blu-ray & Region Free DVD

■ 2-Year Approved warranty.

*All product specifications are subject to change without notice to improve reliability, function or design or otherwise. 

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