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Clef Audio Ground Zero

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Clef Audio Ground Zero grounding device plugs into your Hi-Fi or AV components spare RCA socket to reduce the noise floor of the system. 

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The Clef Audio Ground Zero is a stylish cylindrical unit which is supplied with a detachable cable. 

The cables RCA plug is designed to connect to a spare RCA socket of your equipment, for example a music server, CD/SACD player, DAC or amplifier. 

Ideally, the spare RCA socket should be a digital input or output. If a digital socket is not available the Left or Right analogue RCA input/output can be used. 

We found plugging the Ground Zero into the spare RCA digital out of a CD/SACD player brings about an immediate and quite remarkable improvement in sound quality. 


  • Lower noise floor.
  • More natural instruments and vocals.
  • Increased air and spatial qualities.
  • Truer, more accurate decay of instruments.

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