Telos Quantum Noise Resonator

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Telos Audio Design Quantum Noise Resonator is like a power conditioner that detects network interference and noise induced by the Hi-Fi equipment.

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This is the very first time a circuit design has been developed which can transform a combination of resonance and noise into light!

A brief explanation of V3.1 technology...

After long term research by Telos Audio Design’s founder Jeff Lin, Telos is now able to offer improved performance of their GNR, GNR Mini and QNR by employing their newly developed V3.1 technology. The QNR is now manufactured incorporating the V3.1 upgrade as standard.

For the version 3.1 upgrade, each individual part is hand-selected in a similar way to the method used by FM Acoustics. The parts are closely examined, tested and listened to by only two engineers who have this level of expertise. The result is that on average, only 1 part is approved of 16 parts purchased by the company.

As you can imagine, this procedure is very time consuming…and costly, because all of the parts that do not meet Telos’ high standard are discarded. Telos has purchased more than 10,000 parts and hand-selected the ones to be used in their V3.1 products one-by-one. Only hundreds of the 10,000 parts have passed this rigorous testing.

A recent Taiwanese market trial run involved more than 20 customers upgrading to the V3.1 version. Their feedback was extremely positive as they spoke of a 300%~500% improvement! One customer said that the V3.1 upgrade was like adding USD30,000 worth of audio tuning accessories to his system.

Manufacturers description:

The internal quantum modules are combined with eight resonate channel and a core processor, the engineer detect the power outlet wave type by internal IC, and generates instant synchronous phase distortion compensation which is made for the beautification waveform through precise resonance and reduce phase distortion.

30-Day money back guarantee, terms and conditions apply. 


Power Input : 100~240V AC
Dimensions: 180mm x 135mm x 40mm
Weight: 1.75KG

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