ModWright LS36.5 Tube Linestage

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ModWright LS36.5 tube linestage preamp is based around a pair of 6H30 valves with balanced topology with optional external power supply upgrade.

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The LS 36.5 represents ModWright’s finest tube linestage performance, offering true balanced outputs and XLR inputs.

It follows our SE tube linestage, the SWL 9.0SE, offering a higher level of performance, aesthetics and options.

Remote volume control are standard, as is phase switching, also via remote!

The LS 36.5 takes sonic performance to the next level, offering a broader and deeper soundstage and a weightier presentation, compared to the 9.0SE.

Refinements in power supply design, voltage regulation, and driver circuit design all serve to raise the bar. Refinements in grounding, transformer coupling and shielding also yield a 2 x lower noise floor than its SE predecessor!

Those wishing to take the performance of the LS 36.5 to the next level again, have the option of adding the PS 36.5 dual-mono, all-tube external power supply. This PS 36.5 features a complete dual-mono topology, including dual tube rectifiers and tube voltage regulation circuitry.


One set of XLR inputs
Four sets of RCA inputs
Two sets of RCA Main Outputs
One set of RCA Tape Outputs
One set of XLR balanced outputs
Front Panel controls include: Power, Input Select and Mute, Phase (also on remote), HT/BP
(Home Theater Bypass) and volume control (also on remote)
Custom MWI remote control for volume, phase and mute

Recommended Tube Upgrades for the LS 36.5:

LS36.5 Rectifier Tube: Mullard, Amperex or Phillips ‘GZ34’

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