Studio Connections Carbon Screened Power Cable

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Carbon loaded semi-conductive screen layer.
Dissipates interference as heat.
High flexibility.
Low Cost - High Performance

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The Studio Connections Carbon screened power cable delivers an excellent performance at entry level cost, and features an entirely different approach to preventing noise sources from entering your equipment.

A mains cable does not just supply the AC power to your audio or video system, it also shunts energy created by electromagnetic fields and transients and noise. The latter are undesirable in any system and the most common method to prevent noise is to screen the power cable which dumps the noise to the ground plain. Rather than a conventional screened cable, the Studio Connections cables features a special carbon loaded semi-conductive screen layer that dissipates interference as heat. The advantage is that the mains and ground paths are kept more interference free.

Available with UK 1363, Schuko & Australian mains plugs to IEC connector.


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