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High Fidelity Magnetic RCA Adapters

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High Fidelity Magnetic RCA adapters work with your existing high-end audio cables to bring the benefits of magnetic conduction technology.

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High Fidelity Magnetic RCA adapters are an accessory that elevate the performance of your Hi-Fi system improving all sonic attributes. They connect to existing high-end analogue audio interconnects, and be used both at the component source, component destination or both.

This unique cable accessory uses patented magnetic conduction technology developed by inventor Rick Schultz of Magnetic Innovations LLC.

Available as pair (Destination or Source), or as a set of four (Destination and Source). 

Also available for digital cables, please see Magnetic Digital Adapters.

We connected the HFC Magnetic Adapters to an highly reviewed £2000 1M pair of interconnects to component source end only and straight out of the box the sound quality improvement was immediately apparent. Improved clarity, imaging and texture to the music are amongst the first things you hear.

"These magnetic RCA adapters are nothing short of magical." - 

We recommend at least 250 hours burn-in before serious listening. 

Audition the Magnetic RCA adapters today in your Hi-Fi system and hear the benefits of magnetic conduction with a 30-day home trial. (Terms and conditions apply.)

For information on how magnetic conduction works  in cables please see here; 

High Fidelity Cables Technology 

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