Telos Audio Design Macro-Q

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Telos Audio Design Macro-Q actively detects noise in USB devices sending out a compensation correction signal reducing losses and improving stability.

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Although USB is convenient, it is not designed specifically for audio transmission. It often carries high-frequency noise from the computer's switched-mode power supply, which leads to the inability to achieve the best data transmission of bit perfect, and even interferes with the analogue signal after the DAC. It seriously affects the sound performance of the USB DAC. In order to solve this problem, the Telos team spent three years developing a Macro Q-USB-specific quantum noise reducer with two special ICs that instantly detect USB transmission and compensate, thus smoothing the signal. Degree, reduce the front-end transmission to the back-end signal loss.

The main function of Macro Q is to actively detect USB noise and send out the inverted compensation correction signal, so that irregular noise is synchronously offset, thus providing a relatively stable USB transmission channel. According to Telos, the reverse calibration signal from Macro Q is very accurate and consistent with the dynamic noise of the transmission path to maintain high quality transmission signals. Macro Q is very easy to use. Just plug it into the idle USB jack and the Macro Q can function. It is said that using the Macro Q in a system improves signal purity, reduces losses resulting in a fuller sound with more natural textures.