Akiko Audio Equipment Tuning Chip 3D

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Akiko Audio Equipment Tuning Chip 3D have been developed to harmonize the energy currents and improve signal transmission of Hi-Fi components.

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The Akiko Audio Equipment tuning chip is made from an Aluminium plates with a self-adhesive back and measure 30mm x 15mm x 2mm. They can be applied directly to the front or back of your source component, amplifier, AV processor, etc,. Before removing the self-adhesive backing we recommend using White Tak to try the power chips out in different locations. Once you are satisfied with the performance they can be permanently applied.

The benefits are a more relaxed rendering and increased perception of instruments and voices as well as a more natural sound, reduced sharpness and richer tonal colours.

Please note, the price is for 1 pc. 

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