Audiophilleo 2 MKII USB to S/PDIF Processor

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Audiophilleo 2 MKII USB to S/PDIF Processor is offers the same sound as the Audiophilleo 1 but is in a more cost effective, minimalist package.

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3-4 Weeks

This items is a custom order supplied to specification.

For those of you who prefer a minimalist approach, the Audiophilleo 2 MKII USB- S/PDIF transport flawlessly delivers all the key performance benefits of the Audiophilleo 1 MKII. In simple terms; the sound is the same, but in a less complex and far more cost-effective package!

You will be granted the achievement of the greatest possible analog-like performance with the PurePower option. At the crisp £999 price point, the Audiophilleo 2 with PurePower is simply the most outstanding sounding source in the sense of value. Without question, no high frequency noise from your PC can make it into your DAC because the electrical connection between the two is non-existent. It also has more value for money than expensive USB cables or any other external power supplies!

Like the Audiophilleo1 MKII, the "2" also eliminates jitter artifacts and extracts the superlative sonic performance from your system. Why would you get started with less capable devices? They may be cheaper; but there's a definite reason: They'll eventually end up in a drawer.

The Audiophilleo 2 MKII works with almost any system: You can control the volume from the host music server, an iPad, “downstream” DACs with attentuators, preamps, receiver or integrated amps... even a Logitech Squeezebox Touch.

Just a few minutes of listening will convince you that the Audiophilleo 2 MKII is what your system needs to reach its ultimate sound.

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